What you Need to Know About Your Physicians to be a Better Patient

Being a doctor is not an easy job. Besides handling life-threatening situations, long hours and attending to hysterical patients, one more thing doctors have to worry about is physicians report. You are probably wondering What’s in a Physician’s Report, as you should. It typically contains tons of information about patients, billing, insurance and more than appropriate bureaucracy.

The plight of doctors having to deal with physician reporting and all the paperwork is something that has continued to be discussed in the industry but there doesn’t seem to be any sign of it getting any better. It ’s upsetting. It helps to know that your doctors and hospital staff usually have a lot to do each day and each situation is dire and even life-threatening. Below are some things they want you to know.

Physicians are Constantly Overworked

Especially in the US and many developing countries where the effectiveness of health system has little to be said of it, doctors find themselves always overworked. They have to attend to so many patients and deal with these patients and their families and all the nuances and complications that come with each condition, it is a lot of weight on their shoulders each day. Doctors and nurses are overrun with more workload than they can handle. In addition to the physical stress, the emotional requirements that come with dealing with patients take a psychological toll on physicians and nurses. Every day, they have to deal with emotional family members, sad patients, and all around depressing situation. This can be draining and tiring. Then imagine adding mindless paperwork on top of all that.

Physicians need to be Direct

They literally have no time to waste beating around the bush or catering to your fragility. Doctors have to be direct and go straight to the point. Especially with family members. They are trained to be direct and tough because if they give leeway, a lot of patients, a family of patients would take advantage and waste the doctors time. I mean, have you met people?!

Physicians have very Little Control of Wait Times

If you are at a hospital or healthcare facility and the wait time is getting too long, just be patient. Be a patient patient. Doctors have little control over how long you wait. They have to attend to everyone properly and provide the best care and they can’t do this while rushing. How would you feel if your physician was attending to you and in a rush? Yeah it’s not that nice. They have to listen to each patients and give 100% attention.

Being impatient in the waiting room does you no good and constantly berating the receptionist does not help either. Don’t be the person that makes their already hard job harder. In the same vein, understand that things have to go through channels and processes so you have to be patient. Healthcare is provided by a team of people and these care teams have to communicate within themselves to provide the best care, answers your question, or fulfil your request. Like every organization, there is a chain of information flow. If you are not getting immediate answers from the person in front to of you understand that they are probably answering to someone else or waiting for the feedback or answer you need.

Patient Engagement Helps Physicians

If you care about your health and care for yourself, it helps the physicians do their jobs better. It’s like going to the dentist. Everyone knows that if you brush your teeth and floss regularly, you make your dentist very happy. Same goes for your health, too.

Doctors and nurses are trained to genuinely care about your health so when you act is though you don’t care or you don’t engage is much is you should, or you don’t follow instructions, cancel appointments last minute, etc you make their job more difficult. In addition, a good way of being engaged with your health is not lying to your doctor about your health. They are going to find out anyway is test results don’t lie. But also you just end up wasting their time or you end up receiving incomplete care (is they don’t have all the details) and you end up back at the hospital with the same problem.

Don’t Ignore the Paperwork

When a patient is facing a life threatening situation, or a family member are busy worrying of their loved one will be ok, it can be quite easy to dismiss the paperwork or even feel offended when you are told to feel it. Do not ignore the paperwork because it is very important. Doctors and nurses can’t do their jobs without it and the hospital would not be left standing if all the paperwork was ignored. Nobody enjoys  doing paperwork especially the doctors who are already busy but they do it anyways because it is important, When offered paperwork to sign or feel out, just be polite and do it is quickly and correctly is you can.

Physicians Really Care

If someone is working is a physician then you gave to know that they have done a lot to get there. Years of schooling and hours and hours of studying. No one goes through all that if they are not truly dedicated. A friend of mine is retaking his residency exam for the third year now just so he can get the specialty of his choosing. That is real passion and dedication. So don’t think your doctors are just in their line of work for the money or security. Being a physician is a high stress job with insanely long hours. If they wanted stability and job security, they would probably have chosen a less intense line of work that requires less schooling and studying.